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This is our Girls to Woman and Boys to Men programs that we are looking to expand in 2021! This is where we build and strengthen bonds through mentor and mentee relationships with our youth. The goal is to empower, coach, and inspire them through group activities, events, and other engagements/interactions. We plan to give them the exposure that will have a positive influence or their personal development.  

Mentorship Relations


Classes/pods will include the same group each day, and the same facilitators should remain with the same group each day. Each session will be limiting the engagement of children such as staggering optional extracurricular activities and keeping groups separate from special activities such as art, music, and exercising, etc. The practice of using social distancing by having each child remain 6 feet apart throughout the session is required. Any party involved with a fever of 100.4 or above along with any other signs of illness are highly recommended to do a no show for that day/week It is our job to work with and encourage all parties to be on the alert for signs of the virus/illnesses as they will no be permitted to attend.
Their will be a developed routine schedule to do intensified cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting of the facilities. It will also be a cleaning period taken place at the closure of each day to prepare and be ready for the next day. All cleaning supplies will be out of reach of children and will only be handled by facilitators and/or adults, present. It is our concerns to provokes and reduce the spread of the virus and is doing everything possible to provide quality services, while protecting one another in the process.         
It is important to us to follow CDC guidelines, to protect all parties involved, insuring safety all the number one priority.



Services offered through Real: coaching sessions, one on one tutoring, recreational, social and life skills enhancement to help the youth (Adolescents) fully develop

- Master their essential skills

- Enhance their financial awareness

- Ladies/Male Etiquette

- Professional development

- Challenges/Competitions





Reality Effects Anybody's Life (REAL) LLC., is a tri-fold youth organization that caters to youth ages 7-12 and 13-21 adolescences. Our main focus is to reprogram the youth's mind by providing them with the tools and resources needed to sustain their development and progression in life for now and the future.  We believe the youth is our future and it takes a village to raise a child so we are here to assist parents/guardians/care takers with their child/children. As the CEO, of Reality Effects Anybody's Life (REAL) LLC., I personally along with my team understands that life is a constant battle the each human being fights with on an daily basis. With the great resilient and positive atmosphere we provide, it is important that we advocate for our youth and also make them feel important and appreciated. As we utilize their creative minds and ways of thinking, it makes it easier to relate to each member and meet their individual needs.  One of our objectives is to reduce the mistakes our youth makes in life and demonstrating to them that failure is a process of any success story.  Most people don't learn from their wrong doing in which the REAL social assistants involved in our organization have overcame a ton of adversity from dealing with jobs, finances, education, relations, and more The organization's famous quote is to "Grow Through What You Go Thru!" 


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Mission Statement

Continue thriving at impacting more than one youth lives at a time by increasing their self-awareness/confidence through goal settings, participating in extra curriculum activities, and creating better decision making techniques. 


Enhance the collaboration of misguided soul with individuals of like-minded and similar demographic backgrounds who has overcame adversity and wishes to break generational and societal cycles. 

Target Population

Young females and males ages 7-12

Adolescents age 13-21


Unstable economic individuals


*less fortunate 


*hardworking parents/guardians



As displayed above we have a clothing line/ brand that is associated with the organization in which we utilize for one of our marketing strategies. The merchandise is used to inform and build the awareness in our youth and customers that life is an ongoing cycle that will remain the same until one or more individuals decide to break those curses and cycles. We like our members to walk in pride knowing that they are not alone and they are making positive choices and decision in life to have a better reality. These are a few reasons in which we considered you too be the #REALMVP and we recommend individuals to purchase and help advertise and promote the movement. The prices are very reasonable and affordable so get your drip to enhance your swagger/confidence.  


Upcoming Events

  • Sat, Sep 05
    1118 Union St
    Sep 05, 2020, 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
    1118 Union St, 1118 Union St, Columbia, SC 29201, USA
    Its COVID-19 proof so we decided to make it a drive thru one that reduces the spread of the virus. We wanted to give back while practicing safety habits.
  • Fri, Mar 20
    Lake Wateree State Park
    Mar 20, 2020, 5:00 PM – Mar 22, 2020, 11:00 AM
    Lake Wateree State Park, 881 State Park Rd, Winnsboro, SC 29180, USA
  • Jan 29, 2025, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    columbia, SC, USA
    Nothing Like It
  • Feb 22, 2025, 5:00 PM – Feb 23, 2025, 11:00 AM
    Charlotte, NC, USA
    Don't Miss Out

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